What is the history behind the submarine?

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What is the history behind the submarine?

Message par hsyylx » 07 Sep 2011, 15:13

What is the history behind the submarine?
i am doing a history project on the submarine used in world war 1 only!
i need to know the following:
-a thorough background description of how it was developed, including names of inventors, companies...
-its purpose/how it was used during the war
-how did it become or contribute to a post-war, peacetime innovation
-is it still used today in some way

any information would be great, thanks :)

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Message par starshiy » 08 Déc 2011, 19:56

Very good. A new Heralkles
My Dear
You are going to a huge task. Every developed country can claim part of main achievements in submarines development.
Here are some links you can start with
http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/br ... d_war_.htm
www.deeptorm.ru (in Russian, sorry !)
http://history-world.org/world_war_i_an ... marine.htm
I hope it will help.